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We Buy Black: Amazon For Black People...But Better

We Buy Black is the largest online marketplace for black-owned vendors to date. Launched on Juneteenth of 2015 by at the time 23 year old Shareef Abdul-Malik of Washington, DC, WeBuyBlack has grown over the years and continues to provide a community, culture and platform for black-owned businesses and vendors. Malik is a Howard graduate and was inspired by Black Wall Street and the concept of "do-for-self"

“It allows small black-owned businesses to grow by being exposed to an international market; it’s the largest online marketplace for black-owned businesses and sellers,” said Malik in a 2016 interview with “These black-owned businesses may hire and create employment opportunities for those in our local communities.”

According to a Neilson studies blacks have a buying power of over 1.3 trillion which can go a long way when it's circulated within the communities. Abdul added his interview with that “The vendors asked for a more comprehensive platform that would allow for them to fully commit and launch their shops on the site,". So Malik responded to this by hiring a black owned engineering firm to reconfigure the website to allow the circulation of dollars to be more fluid.

The company has grow tremendously since it's inception in 2015 and continues to grow to this day. The business also focuses on educating and empowering the black community by creating content that celebrates the many black leaders, activist, artist and businessmen and women through the ages. WeBuyBlack has cleverly created their own line of products that allow customers to "Make the Switch" by replacing conventional essential products like toothbrushes, soap and trash bags to black-owned versions. While some of these products are still Made in China, it's a big step in a direction of economic freedom for blacks and it's becoming a movement. It's only a matter of time before black businesses have the resources to manufacture and distribute products entirely on their own! In the meantime, WeBuyBlack provides a alternative solution to elite-owned counterparts such as Amazon or Wal-Mart. Give WeBuyBlack a try and make the switch and start circulating dollars in the black community!

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