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David Boykin's short "What The Afrofuture Say" debuts this Month at Black Harvest Film Festival

Jazz Saxophonist, composer, rapper, and electronic musician, David Boykin makes his filmmaking debut with the premier of his short, “What The Afrofuture Say”, at the Black Harvest Film Festival Monday November 8th at 5:30. It will also screen Tuesday November 16th at 5:30pm and will be streamed online from November 5th til December 2nd.

David Boykin in the persona of alter destiny rapper Dark Merry delivers a witty and scathing criticisms of Afrofuturism in this cinematic recounting of his interview by Afrofuturist, curator, and pleasure activist, Ingrid LaFleur. The story is illustrated by a mashup of artfully layered archival images; original dance choreography; and footage from the interview (which took place over the internet during the pandemic). The story is underlined by a spacey score from the beat maker Dr Belsidus with echoey electronic bass tones and bell chimes over sinuous synthesized drums.

The title of the film is a refrain in Dark Mery's storytelling and an unintentional ebonicization of the title of Ingrid LaFleurs interview series “What Does The Afrofuture Say”. In the film, Dark Mery introduces himself; proceeds to speak about the problematic origins of the term; and then elucidates its further increasing and troubling popular usage since its origin to commodify black culture.


Ingrid Lafleur (as Ingrid LaFleur) - Dark Merry (as David Boykin/Dark Mery) - Keisha Janae (dancer 2) - Ennis Martin (dancer 1)

Writer - David Boykin

Director - David Boykin

Producer - David Boykin

Cinematographer - Anansi Knowbody

Editor - Anansi Knowbody


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