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       Why Book Us? 

Jazz is a significant hallmark of American history and culture. It has brought people of all creeds, nations and backgrounds together under it's smooth current. Jazz inspired thousands of innovations in American music. To play jazz genuinely takes a tremendous amount of dedication, practice and creative prowess. A jazz player learns the story of jazz through  it's songs and through its legends only to then retell their own inmate stories.  These stories help us remember who we are, and we can find common ground in experiences we all can relate to.


  • By booking with us you are directly affecting local artist community's resources and help to preserve this unique grassroots jazz tradition. 

  • By investing in the Coffee Jazz Collective you can help us to support all those involved in our socially conscious events such as Tea Talks which help build and connect the local Chicago community in positive ways! 

  • By booking with us you are putting the power back in the hands of the craftsman not the big companies!

  • By booking with us you allow us to create projects that better benefit the greater Chicago community.

We appreciate all contributions you are able to make in support of our collective and it's events! 

Commerce & Small Event Rates

*All packages include 2 hr set with up to 5 song requests, promotion and hand-picked customized booking.

*Weekly Packages require a minimum of 1 month commitment.

*Bi-Weekly Packages require a minimum commitment of 3 months

*Monthly Packages require minimum commitment of 6 months


Weekly Duo Set $300 per week

Bi-weekly Duo $680 (2 performances per month)
Monthly Duo $380

Annual/Special Event Duo $500


Weekly $450 per week

Bi-weekly $510 (2 performances per month)

Monthly $570

Annual/Special Event $750

Coffee Jazz Quartet Premium Sets

Wow your guests/patrons with the cream of the crop!


Weekly $1,000

Bi-weekly $2,400 (2 Performances per month)

Monthly $1,400

Annual $1,600

Wedding and Corporate Rates-Inquire For Customized Rate.

Starting at $300 per musician per hour.


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