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9 Ways Live Music Performance Can Boost Sales!

What is it about live music that touches our soul ?

You know what I’m talking about. The feeling you get when your favorite part of your favorite song plays. It’s as if no other moment matters, and your true love is the song. Then you slip into your everyday experience but for a moment, you are connected with the artist and their message in your own unique way.

There are countless books, articles and presentations about how effective music is at teaching us to communicate, listen and think better. Not only that, accordinging to recent research, music listening and playing boosts creativity! So could music really impact retail purchases? Well, we gave this some thought and came up with...

9 Ways our collective’s live music performance can boost your sales

  1. Attract your niche. Coffee Jazz Collective loves helping you musically express your company's style and personality through customized and original setlists. Having live musicians in your space will attract more creative types. Creative types are more likely to support local commerce because many creative and collaborative types are freelancers, self-employed or work for small independent companies and start-ups.

  2. Added publicity. Coffee Jazz Collective loves to blab about our favorite gig spots, this may seem like innocent chatter but there is proof in the pudding and gift in the gab when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. Coffee Jazz Collective seeks to create interactive blogs and podcasts that encourage more outside buzz and exposure for your business.

  3. Woo their ears, Wet their appetites? Professional live music has been shown to have a positive influence on wine drinkers who listened to music while wine tasting. It is assumed that this can most certainly apply to more than wine and that music could therefore have a positive effect on other sensory-driven experiences like shopping eating or drinking. Just imagine, your local crafted drink with local crafted music=bliss for your customers! Customers serenaded by live guitar might be “in the mood” to spend more at your business.

  4. Make their day!Live improvised music is a uniquely human experience. Depending on the musician you see live music performance can be anywhere from pleasant to life-changing. (At Coffee Jazz Collective we like to make music that is the latter!) The power of music has over its listeners has been documented and praised about since ancient grecian times. Today music therapy is gaining more and more acceptance in the medical industry as music therapies are treating relieving symptoms for a number of medical conditions and mood disorders. If music can help heal the sick, it can surely work wonders for the healthy individual! Healthy, happy people turn into healthy, happy regulars.

  5. Make'em comfy. Featuring a live music group playing jazz music, or other relaxing music can make you customers want to take off their coats and stay awhile to listen. Given that the musicians are able to connect with your patrons, they will appreciate the experience and your efforts, a professional music performance may be enough to give them such a profound experience they feel passionate and write a positive review about your business! Not only are they more likely to return but they may bring their friends.

  6. Create a contagious community. Weekly live music gigs establish community. When cafe or restaurants feature entertainment weekly it can allow businesses and performers to create amazing rapport with customers. Customers then feel like they are part of a group. Music has always served as a bonding activity and this practice traces back to indigenous cultures. Music has an innate ability to bring people together and jazz music has served this purpose for years!

  7. A dose of Jazz. In recent studies jazz music has been found to lower pressure as well as stress levels in adults while increasing mood and immunity function and even memory! Coffee Jazz Collective can help set the stage for successful and sustainable commerce by spreading our positive vibes through our horns, strings, vocal chords etc.

  8. Keep it in the family. When you as a local business choose to support local musicians you invest back into your local communities economy and create multidimensional sustainability. Jazz musicians much like local business owners struggle to survive amongst the corporate record labels and pop/rock entities that work night and day to keep hip progressive music out of mainstream influence. This is unfortunately an extension of social control used in the music and pop culture media. By investing in coffee jazz you are helping to preserve the ideas most prevalent with the jazz movement, spirituality, interconnectivity and authenticity.

  9. Feed a movement of creative thinkers, not non-thinkers! Jazz music encourages; freedom of expression, critical thinking, creativity, harmony/peace, communication, listening, spirituality among other things. Are these things we all want in our social circles, in our neighborhoods, in our lives? I think they are! Will they create more meaning in your customer's experience? You betcha. Will that turn into real sales, absolutely!

Love, CJC


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