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Bittersweet Confections

Coffee Jazz Collective had our first performance outside of Chicago, and we had a blast! We recently collaborated with one of my favorite chocolate shops Bittersweet Confections in Quincy, Il. Quincy is renowned for it's craft foods and and small quaintness.After a hardy 4 hour train ride, and a day exploring Quincy's quirks we are were truly blessed to share our set with the lovely people of Quincy who came out to see us! While we performed, listeners sipped on rich cabernets and nibbled on exquisite tapas and cheese plates. Shop owner Nadine even serenaded us with a song or two at the end! The experience of playing for such a receptive audience was amazing and we loved connecting with this bunch. Toasty hoots and hollers emerged from the room as we finished our 2 hour set. My favorite comment from the night was from Nadine who insisted that our performance was like "Giving water to people in the desert!". We were just a pleased as our audience with this experience and look forward to more weekly excursions to the town of Quincy!

Check out some clips from the Bittersweet Set on our blog homepage here!

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Peace n Blessings



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