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Welcome To the Coffee Jazz Blog Page!

I'm pleased and excited to write the first post for this blog, and keep you updated on the journey of the Coffee Jazz Collective.

So why did I want to start a Coffee Jazz Collective ? I've always enjoyed my own experiences in jazz ensembles whether in university or out playing at jazz jams. Jazz played with the truest of soul in public offers those listening a divine art for the heart and the mind. I think you'll find most jazz artist play all music with a life and passion like no other. This is what makes jazz a vibrant and transformative art form. Jazz has offered moments of harmony in times of great dissonance.

The mission of coffee jazz is as simple as triad harmonies.



and Create.

Coffee Jazz Collective is more than just a quintet, a trio or's a community of the next generation of jazz ambassadors. We look forward to working with some of Chicago's local jazz players and professionals. Our mission is to connect with our local communities expand with neighboring communities and create effects on our local commerce community through music. The power of music is healing and unifying. CJC members are held to a standard of excellence when performing and are all self-motivated individuals coming together under the ethics of jazz. We wish to bring an authentic and positive experience to you always!



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